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Refreshing Spring Rolls

I absolutely love these rolls! They taste so amazing, and have such simple and clean ingredients. Delicious, refreshing plant power!

Borani – Eggplant

Ever wonder how to cook eggplant? Here’s one recipe that’s smooth, creamy, and oh so delicious, with a bit of a kick too!

Deviled Eggs

A healthier take on a popular dish. With protein and healthy fat, this makes a great addition your brainy breakfast or eat as a snack for more energy to get you through your day.

Homemade Ranch Dip

A refreshing and healthy take on the classic ranch dip you typically serve at parties. It’s so good and easy to make, you’ll want to keep it on hand for daily snacks. Another way to get more good for your veggies in your diet without all the added chemicals that come in many store bought seasoning packets.

Turkey Meatballs (with Veggies)

The kids love these turkey meatballs. Filled with veggies and surprisingly delish! They make a great snack or part of a main dish. You can use to top a salad.